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Customer experience design is the heart and soul of any business. The brands with higher customer experience score, grow faster than their competitors (Forrester).

EVO-UX is an Application Development philosphy who focuses on total business solutions to provide and implement immersive & effective experiences. We originally developed EVO-UX as a process to represent the evolution of the User Experience which has itself evolved. It has become a mindset and a transformative way of doing business. When defining EVO-UX we immerse users into the whole experience, and NOT just from looking at a computer or a mobile device. This evolving experience would include; mapping the flow of the experience, delivering relevant information in-the-moment, and providing greater situation awareness.

EVO-UX focuses on the human experience - independent of the technology allowing us to provide the best interaction across every touch point while utilizing the most relevant technology in the most dynamic way.

Our passion has always been to help our clients grow by creating the most meaningful experience to captivate and ignite their consumers and users. After all, regardless of what tools and technology you make use of, it is all about your brand communicating and interacting with your audience. It is the experiences you provide that make your customers and users loyal carriers of your message. If the experience is truly captivating and addictive, you grow.

EVO-UX is built around forward-thinking people who are incredibly passionate about their craft – the kind of people who respect that success for our clients means delivering exceptional results. We craft intelligent, purposeful and extraordinarily creative work which transforms, activates the senses, ingeniously combines science and art - all in a way that defines, engages and touches your audience.

Our Capabilities

EVO-UX Solutions

  • Mobile App Development
  • Application Development
  • Web Services
  • UX Strategy & Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Emeging Solutions

CreatiVe Processes

  • Application Design & Specs
  • Wireframing & Storyboard
  • Prototyping
  • Product Flow
  • UX Strategy
  • Agile UX Process


  • Facial & Image Recognition
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Situation Awareness
  • Location Awareness (GPS)
  • Emerging Technology AI Machine Learning


Nigel Gower 

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  Nigel Gower
Founder & CEO

Nigel Gower has more than 25 years’ experience in app development, website development, technology implementation and consulting with multiple fortune 500 companies. Nigel’s record of accomplishments are many including, holding executive positions in various companies since 1985 which includes CEO and founder of My School Pool, OnDemand and IT Hub. Since 2003, OnDemand Mobile Solutions, based in Atlanta, has delivered complex technology solutions to mid-sized companies worldwide. Over the last three years, Nigel has advocated “evolving the user experience” while building industry UX platforms for many mobile app solutions. Nigel created and was involved with two process patents for mobile authentication, and a school carpool system.

He maintained long-term development solutions with companies such as AT&T, Allied Universal and Activation. He has also provided similar services for across industry segments such as, media buying, motorcycle sales, security monitoring, and school carpool. In addition, he has driven strategy, system architecture and development of numerous innovative Internet and mobile applications.

Nigel Gower was one of the early Founders of Atlanta-based EyeWonder Inc. Interactive Digital Advertising. In Early 2010 EyeWonder Inc. was acquired for $110 million by Limelight (NASDAQ: LLNW). The acquisition was strategic because both companies offer complementary services to marketers, agencies, publishers and enterprises. EyeWonder provided tools that allow ad agencies and media companies to develop rich media (live streaming) and interactive video content advertising. With a keen strategic sense Nigel leads OnDemand as the premiere User Experience development company. Providing its clients with insights toward their evolving the user experience which is aligned to the user’s “situation awareness” with the purpose of increasing their efficiency in the moment



OUR Business Values

Our philosophy and culture are a critical part of who we are.

Our values are the very foundation which structures our business and permeates the way we think and act. It defines the way we engage with our clients and each other.

Delivering Results: It sounds obvious and perhaps a bit cliché, but our clients are our business. We listen to their needs carefully, understand what they want to accomplish and we work hard to achieve their desired goals.

Pushing Boundaries: We always challenge ourselves to deliver beyond the ordinary. We continually push beyond the boundaries of the known limits and look to set the bar higher. Demanding high performance of ourselves means that we dare to buck conventional wisdom and do what others only think is possible.

Keeping Promises: We only promise what we can deliver. We follow through on our promises using discipline, teamwork, and integrity. We accept responsibility and take our commitments seriously.

Culture: We believe in building an open, supportive working environment that is fun and encourages innovation, team work, and shared knowledge. We support each other and realize that all members of the team are an integral part of who we are. Each individual shines in their area of expertise because they are supported and are fully committed to their craft.

Passion for What We Do: We approach each opportunity with passion – the passion and confidence that comes from knowing that the solution is there waiting for us to bring it to life through our own unique talent and creativity. We are passionate about our craft and equally passionate about delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Our Strategic Partners: Our partners and external resources are carefully selected and are equally dedicated to their craft. They are trusted professionals who adhere to the highest standards at all times.

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