Case Study: School Pool


Create a child safety pick-up and Social Ride sharing system that utilizes technology to provide a highly efficient and safe means for schools and parents to facilitate safe child pick-ups and drop-offs

The Situation

The objective was to develop a system that provided a safe and secure process for parents to drop-off and pick-up their children from school. The process had to provide an efficient and methodical way to check-in/out that is orderly for the teachers and provides a positive user-experience for the parent and their children. It was also important to maintain a well-documented log on drop-off and pickup times, child classroom information, driver and vehicle used, and other details used to insure the safety and security for the children.


  • OnDemand built the a cloud application and mobile application (Apple & Android).
  • The “School Pool” solution provides on premise security and enables parents to easily track their child’s safe check in and checkout process.
  • The “School Pool” ecosystem merges products such as Tablets, SmartPhones, Desktops, and RFID scanning devices and RF tags to confirm the appropriate parent has arrived along with visible displays such as flags, reflecting vest, rain ponchos, hat umbrellas, and safety signs.
  • The verified data is translated via the internet to Classrooms, mobile apps and staging zones where children are waiting for pick-up.

Services Provided

  • Complete Concept Development
  • Application Development
    • IOS, Android & Web Apps
    • Classroom Web Interface
    • Holding App & Web Interface
    • Administration Interface
    • Pickup & Drop-off Table App
    • Front Desk Web Interface
    • Waiting Area Web Dashboards
  • Application UX Strategy and Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design and Style Guides
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
School Pool Case Study

Technology Highlights

Microsoft .Net framework 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, ASP.Net


The “My School Pool” car pooling ecosystem includes a variety of hardware solutions:

  • The RF Tags
  • The RF Tag Readers
  • Safe Zone Notification (signs and road marking)
  • Reflective Vests
  • Reflective Rain Gear (ponchos and umbrella hats)
  • iPad/Tablet (glove holders and waterproof covers)
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Wi-Fi Hot Zones
  • Cellular Phone Blocking Zone


The School Pool system has the ability to run child safety and security software without having to manage any servers. School Pool hosts and maintain it for each of the schools on a secure server in the “cloud”. The School Pool ecosystem provides a complete safe and secure riding buddy drop off and pickup system.

Concept, Project Development & UX Strategy: Nigel Gower
UX Design, Graphic Design: Tony Rinaldis & Alexandre Cordero

School Pool Case Study

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