Case Study: AVON - MEXICO

We were retained by Promo Digital (Ad agency – Mexico City) to develop an augmented reality application for Avon Mexico and Columbia. The app also required a related backend web app to support the application.


iOS/Android Augmented Reality mobile app development, SaaS CRM control panel, application specifications, architecture, wireframes, backend website, animated graphics.


Avon - Mexico was looking for the development of a mobile application that would bring their AVON catalog to life. The goal was to create ad videos many of the products within the catalog. The videos were animated graphics which were to include music, graphics, and narration which were to be produced by Promo Digital with our assistance.


We were tasked with the assignment of developing a concept and design for the mobile application and provide full specification details of the application. The application needed to have the ability to communicate between AVON and their target audience. The following areas had to be addressed:

  • Seamless on all current iOS & Android Devices
  • Utilize the Wikitude AR Platform
  • Manage application users and functions from the backend web application.
  • Segmented Analytics by users and geo-location allowing each location to receive notifications.

Native iOS and Android development, Wikitude AR Platform, GPS Awareness w/Geo-Location zones, CRM platform with SQL database, PHP & JavaScript, and Analytics tools.


We designed an augmented reality application which included the ability to view the catalog through the mobile device and triggering animated videos the supported the product or advert being viewed. We created geo-zoning capabilities so each country (Mexico, Columbia, Panama, etc) would receive and view videos that were pertinent to their location. The app provides users with:

  • Easy and user friendly app interface
  • Quick access to notification (Based on geo-locations)
  • The capability to full screen view of ad videos
  • Ability to contact the users local area AVON agent/representative
  • Ability to upload images to social community
  • Receive reward points and special coupons
  • Push notification of user selected products and product categories
  • Current weather with warning and alerts
  • Ability to upload trigger images and actions (videos, images, links, etc.)
Avon Experience



Project Development & Strategy: Nigel Gower

Project Manager, UX Design Strategy, Documentation & Specs: Tony Rinaldis

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