Case Study: Ready2Ride

We were retained by Activation Mobile to develop an application and all the marketing elements required to promote and sell the application.


UX Design & Strategy, iOS/Android mobile app development, SaaS CRM control panel, application specifications, architecture, wireframes, manual, sell sheets, website.


President of Activation Mobile, Stephan Galfas had a vision in mind for a motorcycle dealerships application that would provide dealers with increased servicing revenue and be relevant for the motorcycle riding community. The application had to focus on a social platform in order to increase the network of users. But the features to be integrated in this platform, considering the target audience was not as easy as it might seem. The platform required both Admin and Super Admin capabilities to allow for multiple companies to buy into the service. Each dealer had it's own unique set of users who might also be members of another dealer.


We were assigned to develop the specification details of the application which included the ability for it to be sticky and engaging with the target audience. We were given an open canvas to design an application that would meet the objectives of our client while providing a relevant application to evoke the ultimate user experience which would excite the target audience. Additionally the following areas had to be addressed:

  • Seamless on all current iOS & Android Devices
  • Manage Multiple Dealers from their SaaS network
  • Segmented Analytics by dealers, users and geo-location

Native iOS and Android development, GPS Awareness w/Geo-Location fencing, CRM platform with SQL database, PHP & JavaScript, and Analytics tools.


We designed an application which included the core features and objectives the clients was looking to achieve. After extensive community research we designed the application that would deliver the users essential needs while implementing sound brand connectivity for the dealers. The app provides users with:

  • Easy and user friendly app interface
  • Quick access to dealership locations and product specials
  • Easy to understand icons
  • An uncomplicated booking system for motorcycle repair and maintenance
  • Social community for motorcycle riders
  • Provides favorite rides maps of riding locations created by users that could be shared by others
  • Utilize smart logic to provide weather alerts and suggest riding gear based on weather and other conditions.
  • Push notification of dealer specials/promotion on service and products
  • Current weather with warning and alerts
Ready2Ride screenshots


Ready2Ride is an innovative and powerful marketing tool, enabling motorcycle dealerships to connect with each customer through content, messages, alerts and invitations that are personalized based on their location, bike, interests, engagement and purchase history.

Appy Award Logo

Our efforts on this mobile application were recognized by Media Post which resulted in a Appy Award nomination for 2016 Best Business Application of the year in the mobile app category.

Project Development & Strategy: Nigel Gower

Project UX Design, Documentation & Specs: Tony Rinaldis

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